I make your Emotions come to life in Jewelry flawlessly:

I will work with you to create the perfect piece of jewelry that gives form to your emotions and desires.


At Designs by Elisa , we have perfected the art of jewelry design. Each of our hand-crafted pieces is finished with expert care and craftsmanship. Each piece is defined by its originality and is uniquely designed to enhance your individuality. Whether you are interested in something that has already been handcrafted by our featured artists or are interested in creating a specific color design; Designs by Elisa caters to your custom style making it easy to create your own unique piece of jewelry. We use precious and semi-precious stones skillfully designed to keep up with today's fashion and tomorrow's trends. Add stylish distinction to your wedding day, artful creations for your valentine surprise, playful birthday surprises, or simply a piece that says "I'm Special". Our collection includes extraordinary estate pieces, watches, and handbags.

Our 'Featured Designer's' section adds further value by providing you with additional styles to choose from. If you would like to be notified of updates, discounts and new selections added to this site or want to be a featured designer, I invite you to email me at www.elisa-designs.com


Don't settle for less, settle for the best!!


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